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Hm Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil L Hm 32 46 68 100 150

hm anti wear hydraulic oil l hm 32 46 68 100 150

Sinopec L-HM Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil 32, 46, 68 & 100 Sinopec Antiwear Hydraulic Oil L-HM is a line of premium quality antiwear lubricants blended using selected and carefully refined high-quality mineral oils, combined with a multifunctional additive system and available in a wide viscosity range from ISO Grade 32 to 150.

HM Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil L-HM 32, 46, 68, 100, 150

Lubu Hm Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil 32 46 68 100 , Find Complete Details about Lubu Hm Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil 32 46 68 100,Hydraulic Oil,Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil,Hydraulic Oil 68 from Lubricant Supplier or Manufacturer-Hangzhou Xingang Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shield Hydraulic Oils AW are high quality anti wear type hydraulic oil designed to provide efficient and cost effective lubrication of hydraulic system and machinery. These products are formulated from high VI oils possessing excellent oxidation stability, anti wear, anti corrosion and lubricity properties.

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AW Hydraulic Oil (ISO: 32, 46, 68, 100) General Information. AW Hydraulic Oil is premium grade oil designed for use in all hydraulic systems where anti-wear hydraulic oil is recommended. All grades are rust and oxidation inhibited and contain an effective anti-wear additive and anti-foam additives to release entrained air rapidly.

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SPEC OIL HYDRAULIC OIL ISO 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220 DESCRIPTION High quality anti-wear hydraulic fluid formulated for use in high pressure stationery and mobile hydraulic systems. Incorporates zinc phosphate additive technology. APPLICATION Not recommended for systems with silver plated components.

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15, 22, 32 , 46 68 and 100 according to its kinematic viscosity at 40℃. Advantages Outstanding anti-wear performance, with multiple hydraulic pump test certification, effectively prolonging service life of pump and hydraulic system Excellent filterability, minimizing blockage of filter Excellent oxidation stability, longer service life of oil

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Low Solidification, Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil Page 1 of 1 L-HM+ 32, 46, 68 Low Solidification, Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil L-HM+ 32, 46, 68 Product Introduction PetroChina Lubricant Company ‘s HM+ hydraulic oil is produced with advanced technology. It has good anti-wear properties, low temperature performance,

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Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil (also known as AW hydraulic oil) prevents wear in hydraulic system pumps as well as carry away heat and debris from vital system components. AW hydraulic fluid is offered in a multitude of viscosity grades as well as varying quality levels and additive make-up.

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Sinopec Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil L-HM is a line of premium quality anti-wear lubricants blended using selected and carefully refined high-quality mineral oils, combined with a multifunctional additive system and available in a wide viscosity range from ISO Grade 32 to 150.

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♦ GB 11118.1-94 (L-HM) ♦ Cincinnati P68, P70, P69 ♦ ISO 11158: HM ♦ Eaton-Vickers ♦ DIN 51524 Part 2 ♦ Parker-Denison HF-0

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Hydraulic oils HYDROMIL L-HM Hydraulic oils Hydromil L-HM VG 15; 22; 32; 46; 68; 100; 150 are designed for application in heavy loaded drive and hydraulic control systems. Hydromil L-HM are formulated on the base of deeply refined, dewaxed and hydrorefined mineral oils received from crude oil refining.

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Hydraulic Oils ISO Type HM Type HL and HLP 32 / 46 / 68 / 100 / 150 DESCRIPTION: Hydraulic oil is a high quality anti-wear hydraulic fluid, designed for the use in mobile and stationary pressure hydraulic systems. PERFORMANCE EXCEEDS REQUIREMENTS OF: Abex Denison HF-i, HF-2, HF-0 Cincinati Milacron P-68, P-69, P-70. DINi DIN 51524 part2

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HP HYMAROL is anti-wear hydraulic oil with a high viscosity index and a low pour point. HYMAROL range are particularly recommended for all high pressure and high speed, vane, piston and gear type hydraulic pumps, and for use in all hydraulic equipment operating in extreme temperature conditions, including.

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HYDRO HLP HM 32. A mineral oil, specifically designed to meet the requirements of most important manufacturers of hydraulic equipment. It contains anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-foam additives.

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MOL Hydro HM 32 hydraulic oil MOL Hydro HM 32 is a general purpose hydraulic work fluid, produced from highly refined base oils, containing a zinc based additives for reducing wear. It meets or exceeds the requirements of DIN 51524-Part 2 (HLP) of ISO 11158 (HM). It provides a reliable performance for a wide range of industrial and mobile ...

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HYDRAULIC OIL HM 68 Product Description: HYDRAULIC OIL HM 68HYDRAULIC OIL HM 68 is a high performance anti wear hydraulic oil developed for use in high pressure hydraulic systems operating under moderate to severe conditions in mobile and industrial services.

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QUALUBE HYDRAULIC HM FLUIDS Qualube Hydraulic HM Fluids are available in ISO VG grades of 10, 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, and 100 meeting the HM Classification. (Other grades are available on request). Qualube Hydraulic HM Fluids incorporate characteristics that give: 1. protection against oxidation, anti-wear properties to reduce the wear occurring in

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Stratus ISO 32 Anti Wear Hydraulic Fluid Stratus ISO 46 Anti Wear Hydraulic Fluid Stratus ISO 68 Anti Wear Hydraulic Fluid Stratus ISO 100 Anti Wear Hydraulic Fluid ISO Grade 32 46 68 100 Viscosity cSt at 40 °C Sus / 100 °F 32.0 150 47.0 200 68.4 300 94.6 500 Viscosity Index 99 99 93 100 Flash Point, °F 429.8 431.6 438.8 467.6

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Hydraulic Fluids Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils . Premium quality hydraulic fluids . Product Name Product Number Product Data Sheet 150 Hydraulic ISO 32: 160: Download » 200 Hydraulic ISO 46: 162: Download » 300 Hydraulic ISO 68: 165: Download » 500 Hydraulic ISO 100: 167: Download » ...

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ISO 46. ISO HM . Typical characteristics. Kinematic viscosity at 40˚С, mm²/s 45,5. Density at 20˚С, kg/m³ 890. Viscosity index 98. Acid index, mg KOH/g 0,65. Flashpoint in open crucible, 218˚С. Pour point, -32˚С . TEMPERATURE RANGE-30˚С 0˚С +45˚С

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Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Oils, ISO VG 22, 32, 46, 68. All-Season, Anti-Varnish, Anti-Wear. AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Oil’s blend of high-viscosity-index base oils and performance additives provides all-season protection and reliable operation in all types of hydraulic systems. Available in ISO 22, ISO 32, ISO 46 and ISO 68.

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Typical Properties Hydraulic Oil 46 68 Material Number 97F753 974318 Product Number 609099 629105 ISO Viscosity Grade 46 68 Density @ 15 °C kg/l 0.87 0.88 Pour Point °C -6 -6 Flash Point °C 180 182 Viscosity cSt @ 40°C 46 68 cSt @ 100°C 6.7 8

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Hydrol® Premium L-HM hydraulic oils are manufactured basing on refined mineral oils and zinc free set of enriching additives. Features: High level operating properties: - high thermal and hydrolytic stability, - high resistance to oxidation, - high ability to transfer loads (FZG test, breaking load >12) and very good antiwear properties,

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Coastal Premium AW 32 Hydraulic Oil, 5 gallon pail, is a premium-quality anti-wear hydraulic oil. This oil is designed to meet the most stringent requirements of most major manufacturers and users of hydraulic equipment. It is characterized by low deposit formation, good demulsibility, and good anti-foam properties.

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Miles Lubricants, Miles Hytex, 46 Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluids Miles Lubricants, Miles Hytex, 46 Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluids are high performance, anti-wear hydraulic oils designed for heavy-duty hydraulic systems operating over a wide range of temperatures. They produce excellent results in a wide variety of high pressure hydraulic systems found on industrial machinery, ships, woodlands and ...

Hm Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil L Hm 32 46 68 100 150

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Hm Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil L Hm 32 46 68 100 150