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Ataaps Users Guide

ataaps users guide

ATAAPS Employee Quick Reference Guide Last Modified: 24-October-2018 for Release 18.1 Enter Physical Fitness Leave Code 1. Click the Labor link on the ATAAPS Menu. 2. Enter the Administrative Leave time to be used for Physical Fitness Leave. 3. Click the NtDiff/Haz/Oth button. 4. Click the Add link on the Haz/Oth line below the

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System (ATAAPS) – Graphical User Interface (GUI),” January 23, 2014 . ... This manual defines DCMA’s financial policies and procedures regarding payroll operations and time and attendance. It further establishes the Agency’s procedures to ... DCMA Civilian Pay ...

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1. ATAAPS Overview. ATAAPS is a DFAS system that has been used by. various Army agencies (ATEC, DLA, AMC, and IMA. SOMARDS sites) for several years. It will. interface with the existing payroll system (DCPS) and with the existing accounting system. (STANFINS).

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Manuals. What We Do. Standard Form 1113. TPPS. Government Remittance Made Easy. Government Purchase Card (GPC) MOCAS. Fiscal Year-end Processing. Automated CAS Collection System. MDSI. Month End Processing. Payment Guide Information. Tools/Systems. CEDMS. EDM/EFR/MSST. DFAS Europe. Small Business. Doing Business with DFAS. Small Business ...

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Department of Defense Automated Time Attendance and Production System (ATAAPS) The Automated Time Attendance and Production System (ATAAPS) application is hosted by DISA as an Enterprise Service and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) serves as the software vendor. ATAAPS gives the DoD and other government agencies who are paid by the Defense Civilian Payroll System (DCPS) the ability to accurately record time and attendance while capturing labor hours by job order (task).

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Use the following steps to save a user manual to your desktop. Start Internet Explorer. Go to the Defense Civilian Pay System Manuals page.; Select the user manual you wish to download (i.e., CSR Users Manual, T&A Users Manual). Select the "download" link of the most recent DCPS release (for example, Download 11-2 Manual). (NOTE: The file is large.If you have limited space on your hard disk ...

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DCPS JOB AIDS « MAIN MENU » The DCPS Job Aids are designed to assist you with your day-to-day routines. You can minimize the reference guide or job aid while you work and when you need it, it's readily available. Select a reference guide or job aid from the following menu.

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DATE: 11.04.2012 AUTHOR: newsmselam ataaps training manual Ataaps Training Manual SSP costs may be lost if T&A is recorded on a manual timesheet that is not. ATAAPS Certifier Training. Super User Contact Information. DHR DSN: 469-7713 CIV: 0951-300-7713 ... Users Manual .pdf Full Version - Fast PDF Database Search Ataaps...

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Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS) The DoD recommended tool for information system assessment and authorization eMASS disa.tinker.eis.mbx.okc-disa-peo-service-desk@mail.mil (844) 347-2457 Options 1, 5, 3 eMASS Cybersecurity Strategy Empowers the cybersecurity workforce through its control-requirements wizard, intuitive user

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Chapter 16 Payroll Accounting Chapter 16 - 3 (6) At the request of DOE programs, EFASC may establish Task Codes within the Automated Time Attendance and Production System (ATAAPS) that allow individuals to charge their time to an organization other their own. Organizations that

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CODING TELEWORK HOURS IN ATAAPS . 1. Code all Time and Attendance that is not Telework. 2. Insert a New Row. 3. Job Order – “Standard” / Type Hour “RG”.

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UTAPSWEB FOR IMAs QUICK START GUIDE . The UTAPSWEB Quick Start Guide for IMAs and their supervisors (SUPV) and tour of duty certifiers (TODC) has been updated to include the new release information. This short document provides all the basics required to get an IMA’s schedule built, approved, signed in and paid.

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DISA ATAAPS is Defense Information Systems Agency Automated Time Attendance and Production System. It provides a mechanism for government agencies to properly document time, attendance and labor metrics across job orders. The ATAAPS system is a software application that is hosted by DISA, with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service as the ...

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ATAAPS Time Coding Guide. Reference: TPR 630, DoD FMR Vol 8, and . DoDI. 1400.25 V 630

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This work instruction explains how to run the Timecard Attestation Report to view employee timecards for users that will not use self-service time entry. Timecard Audit Report This work instruction explains how to run the Timecard Audit Report to view the who, what, and when for changes to a timecard.

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The ATAAPS program is an Air Force-wide program designed to prepare audit readiness, as well as financial readiness, across the Air Force. Kimberly Hervey, 355th Comptroller Squadron ATAAPS project manager, stated the manual system provided little audit capability and too much room for errors compared to the new system.

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The ATAAPS service desk is promptly notified of any required change or termination in User Entity Designated Privileged Users to ensure accounts have been updated, disabled or closed in a timely manner by the organizations’ privileged user. ATAAPS user accounts belonging to user entity staff and associated privileges are reviewed on a ...


Required Training (as applicable) Click training titles to open documents or visit proponent agency site (as applicable). ... Required Training Guide: ... Defense Civilian Pay System (DCPS)/ATAAPS. Employees can contact Tami Dickey, 270-798-5575, for more information.

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You are a GFEBS user with access to a computer, the GFEBS training database, applicable GFEBS references, and awareness of Operational Environment (OE) variables and actors ... After the inbound WMT or ATAAPS interface is run, GFEBS users check their business workplace for emails regarding file-level errors. ... A budget is a guide to spending ...


3. Implementation activities will begin approximately 26 November 2012. The implementation process incorporates training for all users of ATAAPS. AFMC “go-live” is estimated to begin not earlier than 19 May 2013. 4. ATAAPS users fall into four categories: employees, timekeepers, certifiers, and Super Users.

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The Department of Defense (DoD) is charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government relating directly to national security and the United States armed forces. The mission of the Department of Defense is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country.

Ataaps Users Guide

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Ataaps Users Guide